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  • By Alan Richard


Updated: Jun 8, 2019

A new blog about the crossroads of American music

Welcome to Soul Country, my place for musings about how black and white American music has crisscrossed, influenced each other, been appropriated, and all kinds of other things. My central focus is on soul and country music starting in the 1960s and the music those eras and genres has influenced. (But I'll write about whatever I want.) My hope is that by better understanding these cultural crossroads, we can savor and discover more music, stir conversation and exchange some favorite tunes, and understand America and ourselves a little better--especially those of us connected with the American South. My first cover image (and the badass image used in our Twitter profile) is of the late O.V. Wright, one of my favorite singers of all time and whose incredible, pleading, Southern, gospel-influenced, club-weathered voice was equal parts country and soul. I'll write much more about O.V. Wright and his catalogue of wonderful performances as we go along.

(Below: O.V. Wright's brilliant "A Nickel and a Nail.")

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